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1959 Rolls Royce Cloud 1

Martha is a rare Silver Cloud as her original English owner ordered her with the very rare option of air conditioning and power windows which in England was a unique option, when in 1986 she was purchased and put on display in California USA.

Martha was brought to Australia by James in 2009 after becoming available due to a large museum sale in Beverley Hills CA where she was on display for 23 years.

Martha has been resprayed in black/over silver to match the very popular “Elizabeth” for matching cars to cater for the larger bridal party.

She seats a maximum of four (plus driver).


1956 Rolls Royce Cloud 1

Elizabeth was imported into Australia be a member of parliament and hence housed in Canberra for a considerable number of years prior to being purchased by Allan Curtis and adopting her present colours (Black/Silver). She was used for a photo shoot for the Hugh Grant movie “Four Weddings and a Funeral”.

Elizabeth’s tones have proven to be perfectly suited to weddings,she combines well with “Martha” and seats a maximum of four (plus driver).

The Cabbys

Four 1969 Diesel London Taxi’s

Cabby is totally original, even to the extent of having the original meter & flag still operating. Cabby is one of many famous English taxicabs & we presently have 4 identical taxis in service. They are proving very popular with brides wanting something different on their wedding day.

Imagine everyone’s face at your service when you arrive in a London Taxi. Each Cabby carries 6 people, ensuring your bridal party are all together for a very happy & memorable wedding day.

The Cabby’s combine well with “Oscar” and seats a maximum of six (plus driver) each.


1933 Reo Flying Cloud

Clyde is a very rare motorcar of which there are (to the best of our knowledge) only 6 in the world. One of the first ever automobiles was built by the ‘Olds’ family, who called it an Oldsmobile. Their son, Ransom Eli Olds, broke away from the family & started his own business making trucks & buses.

One well-known vehicle was a REO speedwagon. In 1928, Ransom Olds built his first motorcar using parts from other car companies. In 1933 he built Clyde – calling it the REO Flying Cloud – painting it burgundy & black and naming it after an American Indian. Unfortunately, 1933 being in the middle of the depression, very few cars were sold. Clyde was sold new into Australia in 1933.

He combines well with “Oscar” and seats a maximum of four (plus driver)..


1933 Reo Flying Cloud

Oscar is a rare Flying Cloud Elite Sedan with the even rarer option of the self-shifter semi automatic transmission and is believed to be only around 24 left in existence. He was formally a part of the Harrah Museum for many years until the early 1990’s. We purchased him in 2010 from a private collector in Southern California when he was downsizing his collection due to illness.

Combined with Clyde these two make a great statement for any vintaged themed wedding

He combines well with “Clyde” and seats a maximum of four (plus driver).


Reo Flying Cloud

This is another rare REO, it was sold new in Coffs Harbours NSW and was found in the back of a shed in the local wrecking yard waiting to be restored by the owner where he sat for many years until 1987 when he was purchased by a local Irish man by the name of Paul Joe O’Regan who’s nickname was JOE hence his name.  Paul and his wife started a full restoration to original form and he has won may awards for his restoration, he was purchased in the summer of 2013 by Jamie and added to our fleet.  Joe is Royal Blue in colour with grey cord interion and does complement Oscar & Clyde very well.

Seats a maximum of four people plus chauffer


1960 Silver Cloud 2 Rolls Royce

Isabella is a 1960 Silver Cloud 2 in English Cream with burgundy interior and is a new addition to our fleet, she is Australian delivered and has spent all her life ins Adelaide SA where she has been used sparingly as a wedding cars, She also compliments Martha & Elizabeth

Seats a maximum of four people plus chauffer.

Coming Soon

Keep a eye out on our REO collection as we are also restoring a cream (Bonnie) and vintage burgundy (Neville).


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